James D. Penders

Freelance Filmmaker

James Penders is a Scottish born filmmaker who currently attends Birmingham City University in the UK.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, I moved to Birmingham at the tender and debatable “late” age of 23 to study at university to further my creative strengths. I have a passion for organisation and nurturing new ideas. My primary areas of expertise lie in organisational roles such as producing and assistant directing. I am deeply passionate about directing and editing and have experience in camera and sound operation.

Organisation and creativity are my two great loves. I thrive in demanding environments and strive to alleviate pressure to ensure production is as enjoyable as possible. I love working on a bit of everything, but my ultimate goal would be to work within the television industry creating and filming fresh new content for audiences.

My favourite thing is making people laugh, I enjoy coming onto set and keeping cast and crew entertained, but when it comes to knuckling down and getting the job done, I’ll do all that and more!

Here on my site, you’ll find access to projects, podcasts, my show-reel, updates on what I’m doing and a lot of purple! Get in touch, let’s do something creative!

  • Creative Producer
  • Director/Assistant Director
  • Production Assistant
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Podcaster