Film maker, Lovable rogue, Renegade comedian etc. etc.

Strange times indeed. I hope you’re doing well and I hope you’re safe reader. It’s a funny time to be alive isn’t it? Only a few days ago I was planning for our Final Major Project: Skulduggery Pleasant and discussing things for ‘The Appetite’ and today, we find ourselves in a predicament.

We can’t film.

Although what this has allowed me to do is focus more time to my showreel, website and social medias.

Production hasn’t really been halted anywhere, luckily it just gives us more time to prepare to ensure we get everything right. We still very much intend to finish our Final Major Project in the future when time allows. As for ‘The Appetite’, we need to wait until the current crisis averts itself. We made the decision to postpone filming for the safety of all involved. For me, ultimately the comfort and security of anyone who works with me is key and it’s impossible to get what we need when everyone is worried about current events, again this merely provides more time for us to prepare ourselves for when shooting continues.

Current events have had a bad effect on me personally. Living with the fact my last few months at university won’t be spent at university, that our Final Major Project is delayed indefinitely as we may not have access to our equipment post-crisis. However we remain optimistic, we believe we can come through with what we’ve set out to do and no matter what we will finish all the things we’ve started!

Coming to terms with the prospect we may not have a graduation ceremony is obvious very painful, to work so hard for three amazing years to earn the degree without all the bells and whistles attached is a bit sad. But we have to go forward with optimism. I know that despite the current situation going on, I’m staying home and focusing on work and thinking up loads of new great ideas and developing old ones. At the end of all of this I’m going to have plenty to create and plenty of entertainment to bring to the table.

I would encourage anyone reading this, if you can, create. The world needs artists right now. If you’re funny make everyone laugh (While practising that social distancing). If you draw, make stuff so people can see it and to the video content creators like myself, make whatever you can to entertain everyone you can until we get through this. Art and entertainment are all anyone has at the moment, so now is the time to get it out there!

The worst part is being away from family and friends for the most part. But we’ll get through this and I’ll be sure to bring some great content your way as soon as all this is over… Maybe even a little before!

Until next time,

Stay safe, take care of those you can and put your time to the best use you can. Try not to panic, it never helps and keep going we’ve got this.