The End

I write this a goodbye and as a hello to my new beginnings.

On Thursday evening I said goodbye to some of the best friends and mentors I could’ve asked for. 

On Thursday we had a screening night to celebrate the end of our course. Yes, the end came as swiftly as my lecturers told me it would and while with a heavy heart I say goodbye to Glasgow Clyde College and a lot of the friends I’ve made there, the future is ahead of me and it’s time to move swiftly onwards. 

Glasgow Clyde College, I would argue, trapped me for five years, five long gruelling years, I was thrown around courses not knowing what my path was in the future and I was never encouraged enough to discover what my future held.

In my first two years I studied care and support work, I was told I wasn’t fit for that industry, even though I found a healthy career in it in the end. 

My third year I indulged in Media Studies, a course which fed my appetite for my creative side, but even there I wasn’t good enough to continue and never made it into my higher, as I was told I wasn’t good enough, even though I found some journalism work through The Big Glasgow Comic Page soon after.

My final two years were were in Television Studies, a HND I wanted to pursue and honestly, without thought or consideration I can say fully, hand on heart they were the best two years of my life.

In my first year, I struggled, I tried to find my feet and while I wasn’t a perfect or top student I still tried but I thought after first year that like my previous courses I wasn’t going to go into my second year. 

I was wrong.

I remember the day waiting from 9am until 2:30pm sitting anxiously in the classroom waiting to go see the lecturers to find out if I was going into my second year or I was going home and not coming back. 

When I was called in I was told I was going to get into second year and I’m sure my heart stopped for five seconds. The acceptance was unbelievably unexplainable. I was happy. For the first time, in a long time, I was happy.

Second year proved itself to be a challenge, the worries, the deadlines and the constant fear of failure, but, I stuck with it, made it work and learned a lot about myself. I learned that I was a competent writer, a decent director and trustworthy friend to the peers that mattered.

The friends I’ve made, the real ones who know who they are, were the best thing to happen to me, they believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, let me work with them, let me be part of a team.

To my lecturers who supported me and had faith in me, thank you. You gave me an opportunity no one else gave me, a chance to prove I had some worth in something I was creatively passionate about and for that, I’ll always be grateful to you all. 

To Kara, Jack, Paul, Ross and Erin thanks for putting up with my spontaneous mood swings, odd sense of humour and more often than not loud vocals. Thanks for being my team and making feel like I was both a good leader and good team player, those are qualities I always wanted to be acknowledged for and they show in the projects we’ve made. We’re a team and we’ve got a production company to start. 

But let’s me honest, my dashing charm, good looks and talent for being funny was fitting payment enough for you all.

To everyone else, it’s been the realist experience, times were dark and difficult but pushed through it together, as a team and I’ll always be there to support everyone if they need it.

The future hopefully holds Myself, Jack and Kara’s production company. Holistic Productions is (with a lot of hard work) our future and we will push forward to not only be part of the Scottish creative industry, but to mould it and make it greater than ever. 

Thanks to all who supported me and I’ll see you in the future very, very soon! 

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