The Appetite: Shooting Block 4

What a fantastic week it has been back in Scotland, you may know I spend my time between Glasgow and Birmingham depending on what I’m doing and this week we continued filming for ‘The Appetite’.

This week we filmed interior scenes capturing the relationship between a mother and her son, a relationship that you’ll find is rather strained. I can’t give too much detail into the project yet but if you would like to see a new trailer for it please head to my ‘Creative Works’ section for a wee look at where the project is so far!


Stepping into this project again now as Co-Producer is such a riveting experience, I got to catch up with so many colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while and to be in a room of love and passion for a project is so unreal! We all stayed in this little location for four days together so when the cameras stopped rolling and all we had was each other I felt the bonding experiences we had were phenomenal. Well, you would develop a strong working relationship with the person who is preparing your dinner every day!

We filmed at a lovely little hideaway called ‘The Loft at Bonnington’ in Blairgowrie!


I came on to oversee the production and to ensure everyone was going as planned but also to look after everyone, I would prepare food for everyone and let me tell you THAT is a responsibility. That’s the thing, in the real world there is always someone to do that job, but when you’re working independently and the project itself is self-funded, you really need to tighten your belt and do a little bit extra for everyone around you. I’m co-producing the project with the Director of the piece but to keep everything from falling apart you need to gather the help you do have to ensure all is well!


As difficult as this block has been on a financial level for us all, it’s been worth it, the footage we have looks phenomenal and we couldn’t be more proud! I even had the pleasure of fulfilling my lumberjack fantasy and had to cut some wood with and axe, NEVER AGAIN!


Until the next block though, it’s time to get back to Birmingham to continue my work there, which I’ll be discussing very, very soon!

– J


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