God Bless This Mess!

Hey there, it’s been a while, how’re you? Did you have a wonderful new year? I hope you did! This is my first of what I hope will be weekly or fortnightly updates to the site, I wan’t to keep my site as up to date as possible, so here goes!

You may have seen through the social media grapevine that I have been working on a brand new project ‘MESS’.

As part of our ‘Media Innovation’ class, we were tasked to create a project, this project then had to have a pilot made for it. My group and I were really interested in creating something topical and relevant, something with energy and life, something that today needed.

I had the idea for Mess in my bank for a while, The idea of it was a simple one, a young man from a more isolated part of the country with outdated views moves to the big city where those views are challenged by a more progressive society. The story follows Jack, a young man from such a place, he gets a place at a university in Birmingham and moves into his new student home. Unbeknown to him, his flatmate is a gay man and drag queen. When Jack first meets them, they are still in drag from the night before albeit toned down. Jack meets them after just being awoken, dazed and confused is introduced to Missy, the drag persona of his flatmate and becomes infatuated with them.

The story goes on, showing Jack meeting Wren, his flatmate out of drag, though Wren enjoys the knowledge that Jack hasn’t clicked he was obviously Missy. However the story shows the two becoming better friends and revelations come known by the end causing friction between Jack and Wren. The two reconcile and the show comes to a close.

We had massive ideas for the future of the show if the concept was picked up by a broadcaster, I’d love nothing more than to one day make it with a budget and the resources we need to do it right! Watch this space, maybe it’ll happen one day!

If you’re interested in seeing Mess, head on over to my Portfolio where you can find it and loads of my other works! Hope you enjoy!


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