Final Major Project: Update

Hey again, It’s that time again where I get to update you on the progress of our new project, Skulduggery Pleasant!

As it currently stands the project is going pretty well, between my two part time jobs and university study we’re doing pretty well! We’ve currently got a draft of the script together which adapts the first part of book one and we’re really enjoying the process.

I am going to be picking up the camera once again for this project, as well as co-producing the project with Camron, I will be the projects cinematographer which is undertaking I’m very excited for! The last time I did take on a cinematography role was on our previous project ‘When You Leave Me’, so I’m hoping to up the game even more so with ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’!

For now we are working on casting and finding locations to film at, which has led me to looking into graveyards and big houses, so I look forward to seeing progress on these projects.

As well as working on this project I’m also looking into finally creating my new showreel, which will hopefully be released come the end of March, I’m putting together some of my best work so I look forward to sharing it with you when it’s ready!

Until next time,


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