Final Major Project: The Beginning

This is it, after three years, we’re coming to the end of my Bachelors degree and thus, it’s time to start work on our final major project. For years my colleague Camron has wanted to adapt his favourite book series to screen. What’s the series in question i hear you ask? Skulduggery Pleasant!

Skulduggery Pleasant is a bestselling series by Irish novelist Derek Landy and is a children/young adult book series which follows the adventures of the titular character and his partner solving crimes.

The series follows Stephanie Edgley a young girl who in the wake of losing her uncle, finds herself in danger from a magical community of villains. Skulduggery and Stephanie team up to take on the dangers that await then and maybe even save the world.

We’re very excited to bring a fan film of high quality to the world, we’re looking into everything at the moment so stay tuned for more updates! Until them, go give the series a read, you won’t regret it!

Until next time,


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